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Five-for-Five 5-Star Reviews for "The Wayward Mage" on Readers' Favorite

It's a great week for Jack Wartnose and his family! A little over a month back, I was introduced to Readers' Favorite (, a website for both readers and authors. What drew me in was it serviced self-publishers, such as myself, as well as big name authors, in offering editorial reviews, book award contests, and most importantly... publicity.

So I submitted my two books to receive five reviews each and put them in for their annual book award contest (I think for three categories each). While I'm waiting on the results of the awards, I received my five reviews back for "The Wayward Mage." One I already posted on this site in the "Review" section. The others came in over the past week and I cannot express how overjoyed I am that I went five-for-five on 5-Star reviews! Thank you so much to K.C. Finn, Foluso Falaye, Asher Syed, Stephanie Chapman, and Jamie Michele for your objective and fair reviews.

Be sure to check out the reviews below. And don't miss out on "The Wayward Mage: The Adventures of Jack Wartnose" on Amazon now!

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