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Mages Quarterly November 2023

Greetings Adventurers!

The chill in the wind, the crunch of leaves underfoot, and the smell of smoke billowing from the chimneys; autumn is truly wonderful, isn’t it? Not that I would know, of course, the brass has got me cooped up in here writing this month’s edition of Mages Quarterly.

This edition is an exciting one – we’re only days away from the release of the third installment of The Adventures of Jack Wartnose. That’s right, The Hunted Mage launches on November the 14th! Join Jack and company on this nailbiting installment, as they are relentlessly hunted by a band of mage assassins, the Murder of Crows! As secrets bubble to the surface amidst an air of vengeance and betrayal, can Jack and his family make it out alive?

Find out when The Hunted Mage releases here at

And if you missed either of the previous installments, or perhaps know someone who did, then good news! The special sale has been determined:



Following up on a matter I mentioned last edition: the 2023 Arizona Authors Association Literary Contest! I had previously been informed that The Wayward Mage had made it to the finals, but with the awards luncheon behind us I finally know how far I went: Best in Category for Published Young Adult/Juvenile! Actually, I share this award with another distinguished author, so never let it be said I couldn’t share the spotlight. I am truly honored to accept this award – the third that The Wayward Mage has earned thus far!

But that’s not all, the Chanticleer International Book Awards has “shortlisted” The Wayward Mage, which means that it’s headed to the semi-finals in the Ozma Fantasy Awards category! If it manages to win there, that’ll make the The Wayward Mage eligible for the finals and possibly a whopping fourth literary award! My fingers are crossed!

As for my own personal musings… I would like to shine a spotlight on Heir of Magic by fellow author J.D. Ruffin – a thoroughly enjoyable book! I found it an easy to read, but by no means simple tale: political intrigue, the looming threat of war, the blossoming of young love, harrowing kidnappings, mysterious cults, all tied together by an engaging detective story featuring a memorable and likable cast set on the backdrop of fully realized fantasy world… oh bother I’ve done it again.

Apparently, the prose for my previous edition was “far too long” and “verbose to the point of self-aggrandizement” and “ink and paper isn’t cheap, you know!” So at risk of needing to seek other employment, I shall sum up my thoughts thusly: A hearty recommendation for any looking for good, clean fantasy fun. You can find it here:

Some final thoughts before I wrap things up, I am contractually obligated to ask that you recommend this newsletter to any who you believe may enjoy it. Whether to keep up with the goings-on of Master Wartnose and company or to get the inside scoop on upcoming deals and exclusive sneak-peeks, I do hope your friends and family join us here at Mages Quarterly. I am also required to tell you that a future edition will include a short story pertaining to Wartnose’s origins – specifically his journey to Marcialos. Now, if only I can stop chasing rabbits long enough to just write it down…

Until we meet again, may the road by flat and easy to walk, may the sky above never drown you, may the sun gently warm you, and may we continue our journey together!


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