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Fireworks For Another Great Series of Reviews!

Greetings adventurers! It has been a roller coaster of a week for me. I'll spare you the low points and instead focus on the big achievement. In my last blog, I told the tale of how my first book, "The Wayward Mage," received five 5-Star reviews from the Readers' Favorite website.

Well, my second book just went five for five on that site as well! So happy. I've taken some of the choicest bits from those reviews and posted them to the books' Amazon pages. They should be showing up any day now. You can also go to the Readers' Favorite website and look up my books to see the reviews there. ;

I've also had a recent interview with the AwesomeGang website. Feel free to head over and give it a read. Some of the information is a little dated, but that's because I filled out the interview form at the beginning of the year and it was only just recently posted.

While I'm here, might as well put out that there are some price changes coming to my books. I'm ending the launch sale for both. Also, Amazon recently upped the costs of printing paperbacks, so I need to offset that rise. The price change should have happened today, July 1, but I forgot. Like I said, been an up-and-down week so I was a bit distracted. Which means people have a little extra time to get these books before the price increase.

So, here's what the pricing is going to be moving forward: The Wayward Mage will remain $.99 for Kindle, and go to $17.99 for paperback; The Forbearing Mage will move to $2.99 for Kindle and $17.99 for paperback. Thanks for understanding.

And, finally, let's discuss future projects briefly. Book 3, "The Hunted Mage," is with the editor. Slight delay getting it back due to some family issues for her. I ask that you keep her in your prayers during this troubling time for her and her family. She's a great person, and I enjoy working with her.

I'm still writing Book 4, "The Condemned Mage." Unfortunately, it's turning into a bit of a monster. Trying to connect several threads I started in my first three books while giving satisfying conclusions to some and beginning new ones. Right now I'm just about on par with the page count of my first book, and I still have several more chapters to write. I must be crazy, lol. But I want to make sure you, my readers, get the best quality story. I'm not taking short cuts. Unfortunately, this may prevent me from releasing it a couple months after Book 3 like I planned. Oh well. I'd rather have it delayed and be near perfect than release something half-baked and get panned in the reviews and lose my audience.

Lastly, there's a side project I've taken on. Still not revealing it publicly yet. But I have revealed it to some people and everyone who's seen it has nothing but positive things to say about it. Trying to get that off the ground in time for Easter next year, if I can get the artwork finished in time.

God bless you all! Happy Independence Day for all my American brothers and sisters! Until next time.

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