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Who is Jack Wartnose?

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Jack Wartnose is a street scrapper turned Mage Apprentice! 

With a few misdeeds and broken hearts he finds his way in the world...finally!

In The Wayward Apprentice, a prequel to the award-winning series, The Adventures of Jack Wartnose, we meet Jack at his lowest.


A pariah, outcast and starving, he chances to meet a High Grand Master Mage who takes pity on and introduces him into the world of magic at the exclusive capitol of magedom, Marcialos.  But his invitation comes at a price, one that has Jack courting trouble and dodging the city guard on a regular basis. 

Don't miss the spellbinding and heartwrenching beginnings of Jack Wartnose in The Wayward Apprentice!

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Buy the first three books in the award-winning

Jack Wartnose series now on Amazon

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